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Thursday, 2 February 2017

Hoot Owl: Master of Disguise by Sean Taylor and Jean Jullien

We've had this one for quite a while now. It's one of my favourites to read and I probably enjoy it as much, if not more than, Linus.

It's a fun and funny book. Sean Taylor's story is of a predatory owl who's cunning disguises don't go to plan. The illustrations by Jean Jullien are superb and suitably different for this picture book, they just work so well with the unique humour of the story. 

The hungry owl flies around the night sky in search of creatures to eat. He seems to have a ready supply of foolproof disguises that just manage to fall. Fortunately Hoot Owl has a happy ending and his final disguise helps leave him satiated.

There's a repetitive element to the story a good rhythm.
I'd rate this as one of our top ten books of, at least, the last year. I'd say it was in my top three, with Whoops by Suzi Moore and Chris Haughton's Shhh We Have a Plan.
It finishes with "until Hoot Owl returns". I do hope he comes back quickly.
Sean Taylor reads the book below

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