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Sunday, 15 January 2017

The Tickle Tree by Chae Strathie and Poly Bernatene.

Our recommendation this week, our first of 2017, is a book from 2008. 

Chae Strathie seems to have a relatively unique path in picture books. Linus really liked Gorilla Loves Vanilla last year, a funny tale of an array of animals shopping for ice cream. 

Compared to his earlier work such as Loon on the Moon and Jumblebum, Gorilla Loves Vanilla is positively mainstream, although very much on the good side of wacky.

The title of this blog relates to a line from Spike Milligan's Ning Nang Nong. So The Tickle Tree is  on our wavelength. There's a host of made up words in a fun rhyming story. It's about the endless places your imagination will take you and a great bedtime read. My near five year old wanted it read three times from the first read. 

The illustrations, by Poly Bernatene, as with all great picture books, really fit the words. There's a dreamy element to them with an amazing amount of detail.

It looks as though it's out of print but some copies on Amazon and EBay and I'm sure some libraries will have it too.
So if you're getting a little tired of picking up yet another Julia Donaldson, look out for The Tickle Tree or, the more readily available, Loon on the Moon for a nice bit of warm silliness.
It's worth checking out the Amazon page, if only for the rather angry three star review complaining about the made up words! Who wants imagination? (me, me, me!).

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