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Sunday, 1 May 2016

Play-Doh Shuffle

At four and a bit Linus really loves games. He says that he wins every game because he knows how to cheat!
I was intrigued by this Play-Doh game. It's a simple pack of cards with different pictures of Play-Doh  creations on. The simple aim of the game is to match the cards up. The twist is that each match is created by the person so it can be anything from fire engines and strawberries are both red to creating a story that connects a castle with a water melon.
With no wrong answers there's a lot of scope for using your imagination and having fun.
We like to play these games when out and about. We were recently commended in a restaurant for playing games and not using phones or tablets for entertainment.
I must confess to letting the side down as I'm writing this blog post whilst sat at a cafe table having just played the game.-D'oh!
Shuffle seem to have a range of card games out. Our next to try is Nerf. If we like it I'll blog about it some time.