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Monday, 15 June 2015

Who Puts The Animals To Bed

This is a new one we picked up at the library. Written by Mij Kelly and Holly Clifton-Brown. It's a great last book before bedtime.

The illustrations are really vivid colours and quite fun. The text has a Margaret Wise Brown feel to it. That's a good thing, I really like MWB!

Without spoiling the text, it asks the question of the title about various animals. It strolls along very pleasantly, with enough to talk about along the way amongst the illustrations. It works for ages from tiny baby up with a nice soothing rhythm to it.

Something that I think about often but haven't mentioned before is the price of some. This book is £11.99, some lawyers would be happy with that pay per word! It's a beautiful large hardback book with wonderfully illustrated pages, I understand why it's £11.99. The price seems to make the books out of reach of most people and with what must be around 100 words (I haven't counted!). is hardly great value. A check on Amazon shows that it's (at time of writing) available for download at £3.99 and may well be out in paperback soon at a lower price. I'm possibly naive in hoping that they could make them in a cheaper format so newer books could be more accessible.

The French version "Qui Met Les Animaux au Lit" is actually £2 less than the British one. Anyway, enough of the mini rant. This is a recommended book, just get it from the library or wait for a good price!

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