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Thursday, 11 June 2015

Oi Frog!

My updates here have been thin of late. I mentioned in the last post of difficulties keeping up with time constraints. I also felt as though a lot of books we were reading were all samey and not that worthy of writing about.

I think it was a little bad luck and I'm happy to report that we've had a surge of more charming and fun books.
Kes Gray and Jim Field's Oi Frog has been around for a little over a year. It is quite simply wonderful. I've written previously about how picture books tend to get stuck with the same rhymes, Oi Frog! proves you can use already used rhymes and be original.
It's the story of a rather officious cat telling a frog that he should be sitting on a log. He explains that this is the done thing and that all animals have their respective things to sit on, even dogs.

We've had so much fun reading this. The rhymes are funny and work hilariously in tandem with the illustrations. We've even had more fun making our own rhymes up, it's a great exercise for a longer car ride. Also, when you run out of real rhymes you can make up completely new words "hamsters sit on camsters"!

OI FROG! Book Trailer from Jim Field on Vimeo.

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