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Thursday, 11 June 2015

Mr. Men On Holiday

We love the Mr. Men so it's always nice to see a new offering. This spring has seen a few new releases, "on Holiday" and "at the Park" seem to be part of a new series "Experience Life with Mr. Men, Little Miss, Every Day". Ballet, Rugby and London are other new offerings I've seen too.

Where previous post-Roger Hargreaves Mr. Men have mostly been written and illustrated by his son Adam, some have had other authors attributed to them. This book has no acknowledged author. I see that quite often with children's books, either they've been written by a committee or by someone who doesn't want their name attached.

I assume the former on this, it does have a feel of a tv script, it's almost a series of small sketches. The illustrations are up to the usual Mr. Men standard. Overall the book doesn't really deliver, it's a bit light on story. Little Miss Scatterbrain takes centre stage and the story is quite scattered. As I said it appears to be a few sketches, there's a Mr. Greedy joke and one for Mr. Nonsense and Mr. Topsy Turvy, there's a few others along the way. Linus' favourite part is the "Spot Walter" they have throughout, it's mentioned on the opening page that Walter (the worm) is hidden throughout the book, so we have some fun finding him.

There have been a few good Mr. Men books not written by Roger Hargreaves, sadly this isn't one. That said for £2-£3 (its rrp is £2.99) there are worse value books out there and for Mr. Men completists it's a nice investment.

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