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Thursday, 16 April 2015

I'm A-One

Back when I started this blog it was relatively easy to maintain, we had a pretty well established routine and I had a nice little spot to write down my book reports.
Time and toddlers have a habit of breaking routines.
The temporary hiatus of this blog was due mainly to Linus changing his own routine and making more of his own decisions and other external factors.

The routine was fairly straightforward, I read him three books and then his mom took him to his cribroom (Linus doesn't allow us to call it bedroom!) and read him one more before putting him down for the night. Linus decided that I needed to do all the stories and bedtime, I'm more than happy to do it but I lost my little spot to write up the blog.

Add to that Linus' insistence at the time that we read new books every time, so selecting books became difficult (thank goodness for our wonderful library). Thankfully he's more settled in allowing us to read older ones, I've started playing up "we haven't read this one in a long time", "this is one of our favourites", "this is a really good book, isn't it?". So he's more acceptable of the books I pick out again.

He still has an amazing insistence for something new, or at least not the same. Most kids seem to have attachments to things, Linus is the exact opposite, if he's taken a toy/object/something odd (tonight was a plastic teacup, last night, a slightly damaged toy car) to bed with him, he won't take it again the next day. He may be changing, but he still remains our wonderful, smart, funny and wonderful (yes, he's doubly wonderful!) little chap.

So, back to the books. I think as I can't write this up every day that I'll move to a more random bloggery, with occasional book reviews and other things that occur to me along the way.

So, consider this the conclusion of our nightly round ups, with more blogging to come.

We kicked off with I'm Number One , a book by Michael Rosen and illustrated by Bob Graham. Rosen is most famous for We're Going On a Bear Hunt. I don't dislike Bear Hunt but have never understood it's overwhelming and enduring popularity. With his other books, there's almost a resolute desire to be different to all the other books out there. Weird is probably a good description. There's a Toy Story element to this, it being the story of four toys who come alive when the owner and her mum go out. A-One is a rather irritating wind-up toy soldier who talks down to his colleagues. The illustrations add a nice little story of the pet dog who doesn't get mentioned in the text. I'm not sure of Linus' take on it, but he has asked to read it again, which is always a good sign. I'm not overly thrilled at reading the rudeness of the toy soldier, it just seems a little bit too much, even if there is a redemption.

Little Miss Shy and The Lion is part of a series of Mr. Men/Little Miss titles that don't appear on Amazon and only seem to be sold in pound shops (which is fine by me!). Also unusually they are large format books, even more unusual, they were first published in France in 1997 and have only recently been translated into English (2014). With that pedigree it's difficult to believe that they are actually quite good. The translations don't seem to show any signs of having been in another language. There's no sign of who they were written by, the illustrations are as all Mr Men books. It's quite a fun story and Linus loves all things Mr. Men. The shy lion runs away from the circus and Little Miss Shy is not scared of the creature but instead finds a kindred spirit. There are 12 books in the series, we've read about 6 of them over the last year, so I'll look out for more. There's surprisingly little information about them anywhere.

Wow! Said The Owl is one of my go to books for the last book before the last book before bedtime! It's nice and short with lots of colours, some fabulous illustrations and quite a few talking points. It's a Tim Hopgood book. Hopgood is always a name to look out for. We both enjoy his illustrations and unique storytelling.

The main reason I came back to this blog today was because I asked Linus if he wanted me to sing "Ning Nang Nong". When I started this blog, I sang it every night and then he stopped me. I kept asking but he mostly said no. I hadn't asked for a while and tonight he said yes. He was very smiley and pleased throughout. Did I say he's wonderful?

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