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Sunday, 11 January 2015

Who Am I?

January 10 2015

Who Am I? is the story of a "strange little creature" that pops out of an egg. Gervase Phinn is quite a prolific writer, in children's fiction he tends to write for older kids than Linus. This one has been quite  hit. The creature wanders along asking different animals if they know what he is, the odd thing is that he looks like every creature he asks (Linus: "look, he's changed colour again!"). It has a nice educational element to it. Tony Ross' illustrations are quite simple in style and that works well with the story. It's an often used format in picture books but this one stands out from the crowd. Spoiler alert: he's a chameleon!
Here's a CBeebies bedtime reading of it, by Dan Walker.

Maisy Goes on Holiday is another in the endless Maisy series by Lucy Cousins. She is another favourite illustrator for Linus, there is something endearing in the pictures that seem to fit exactly with their target audience. It has some educational parts to it, we had a chat about what else we'd need to take with on holiday. There's also lots of friendship within the stories too, all in all, a tick in the win column.

My Mum and Dad Make Me Laugh is a popular one by Nick Sharratt, not least because we're the most hilaarious (sic) parents on the planet. I'm still trying to work out if Linus is too old for this now, or if he was just a little too tired. There are younger books that he still gets enjoyment out of, so I'll say it was tiredness for now.

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