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Saturday, 10 January 2015

Not Now Norman

January 8 2015

Driver Dan's Story Train: Not Now Norman is a book based on the TV series Driver Dan. It is essentially a book within a book. In the tv show, Driver Dan reads stories on his story train, in the book he does the same. An anthropomorphic lion reading a story within a book is a little weird, especially with the commentaries by Driver Dan and friends along the way. Anyway, the story itself, Not Now Norman is quite good, a family of ducks out for a bike ride and the littlest one tries to get his family's attention, who, in turn, reply "not now Norman". Driver Dan was one of the first programmes that entranced Linus, it isn't on much of late, it would be interesting to see how he reacts to it now. There's a little Driver Dan trailer below.

Anna Kemp's The Worst Princess is another picture book that has been made into a stage show. It has all the right ingredients for a stage show. It's a modern take on the traditional Prince Charming meets Princess and they live happily ever after story. Unlike in real life, picture book princesses are no longer happy to look pretty, live in a castle, wave and churn out babies. Picture book princesses now want to go on adventures, befriend dragons and behave how they like. Sara Ogilvie's illustrations fit neatly with the story having both a traditional yet modern feel. It's probably a little old for Linus but he seems to get it and the rhyming story makes for an easy read.

Margaret Wise Brown's Sunshine and Snowballs was our last book of the night. Despite being by an author who died in 1952, this is a relatively new book. Charlotte Cooke's illustrations were added to make an adorable bedtime read. There are additional stories to tell within the pictures of a little boy and girl throughout the seasons. A calming and charming picture book.

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