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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Mister Magnolia and friends

January 6 2015

Quentin Blake won the Kate Greenaway medal for the illustration of Mister Magnolia in 1980. I'll admit to not having been aware of it until a little before Christmas. It is very silly and has a very British sense of humour. Mr. Magnolia only has one boot but he doesn't let that deter his every day spirit. His one booted bravery is rewarded in the only way possible, a new boot. Linus was very excited with the arrival of the new boot, even though it is a total mismatch to the other one. Personally I'd rather go one or no booted than odd booted but I have high boot standards.

The 2014 Greenaway Medal was won  by Jon Klassen (for This is Not My Hat), he was also nominated for Lemony Snicket's The Dark. Personally I'd have given it to Oliver Jeffers for Drew Daywalt's The Day The Crayons Quit. The illustrations in that are excellent, a little different to Jeffers' usual work though still in line with his quirkiness.

In our second book of the night, we continued with silly humour, with another of Jeffers' books, Stuck. As with several of our books, Linus has taken to spotting things out of the ordinary. Jeffers likes a penguin and a spaceship, Linus spotted those unmentioned items also stuck in the tree. Stuck is a joyously eccentric and charming story. Here's Oliver Jeffers reading a shortened version of his own book.

It Takes Two to T'wit T'woo is Paula Knight's romantic story of Olive the Owl searching for love. It also explains that the female owl says "t'wit" and the male says "t'woo", owls don't ever say t'wit t'woo. This remains a firm favourite of Linus'. There is something engaging in Guiliano Ferri's illustrations and a unique short story. This deserves to be a classic but is probably not destined to be.

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