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Friday, 9 January 2015

Keith the Cat and The Man From The Land Of Fandango

January 9 2015

Margaret Mahy's The Man from the Land of Fandango is reminiscent of some of the uentin Blake books we've been reading lately. It has a similar sense of fun and is jolly and upbeat. Polly Dunbar's illustrations add sparkle to the story. It fuels imagination and is a lovely little book. Linus happily agreed that he liked it.

Keith the Cat with the Magic Hat is quite a surprising book, the 'hat' is neither magic or a hat. Keith, in a remarkably British fashion covers for an ice cream cone landing on his head by telling his pals that the ice cream was a magic hat. It's a funny book by Sue Hendra, the larger illustrations add to the humour. It is quite refreshing and unique, I look forward to reading more from this author.

 Little Miss Contrary was first published in 1990 and written by Roger Hargreaves. Linus still loves all things Mr. Men and Little Miss. I'd quite like an update to the series to put the men and women on equal feet, the French versions seem far more equal amongst the sexes. I've never quite understood why the Misses are all little. The characters themselves are equally smart/dumb/bizarre (delete as applicable). Miss Contrary is in the fine tradition of Hargreaves' quirkier characters, she does have many similar characteristics to Mr. Topsy Turvy. It's a pleasant story and reveals Mr. Happy's birthday (March 14th), although not how old he is.

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