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Thursday, 1 January 2015

A stick, a star, a ladybird and a Happy New Year

December 31 2014

I thought I'd round out the year with some of our favourites.

I never tire of reading What the Ladybird Heard. It's our most interactive book, Linus shouts out the animal sounds that occur three times throughout the story. Here's a live event with Julia Donaldson reading the story to a group of school kids, together with signs for the noises.

Stanley's Stick isn't an immediate choice as a book for interactivity.  It's the tale of a boy and a stick, Neal Layton has gloriously illustrated John Hegley's poem. In the book Stanley imagines the stick as a saxophone and plays a tune for his friend, I usually hum a little tune. Tonight Linus decided to conduct the music! So we had an extended play, it was truly wonderful. He was also asking more of the detail of the pictures, something he's only recently started doing. I've often tried to point out things beyond the stories

There probably isn't much I can say about  Oliver Jeffers' How to Catch a Star that I haven't said in previous blogs. It's witty, charming, surprising, endearing, imaginative, playful, and so much more. This should be required reading for any child. Every child should want to have a star of their very own. As parents we need to teach them to keep fuel in their spaceship!

So we had a great end to 2014. Wishing you a happy 2015.

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