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Sunday, 14 December 2014

Ten Nights too Soon

December 14 2014

We'd had a long day at my uncle's 70th birthday party, so Linus was a little tired going in to bedtime. He had the most exciting time putting the white ball in the pocket on a pool table and waiting for it to come out again. He also had some "rolling" of "white ball" on the table. It took "extreme parenting"™ to get him away and leave the pool table with its cue ball. "My white ball!" is not an expression that I ever thought would move me to tears.

I do a little bit of Googling when I start these posts, sometimes it throws up some interesting information that I never knew. The Night Before Christmas is now the common title for A Visit From St Nicholas. There is some controversy over the correct author of the poem dating back to the 1820s. The book we read (and many of the others available) give Clement Clark Moore as the author, others claim it to be Henry Livingston Jr.. I'm not sure I'm interested enough to care but it looks to be an interesting story. Henry Fisher's illustrations here are suitably festive. Linus had an entertaining time listening to the story and the Christmas themes. St. Nicholas is portrayed as a very jolly fellow.

As I've mentioned before, we read a fair few Mr. Men books but, so far, few have made it to this blog. I hadn't checked earlier, so didn't know that Mr. Clumsy has been read fairly recently. Mr. Clumsy is one of the few Mr. Men who has no redemption, he's clumsy from beginning to end and makes no use of it, even Mr. Bump gets a job.

Goodnight Little One is one of a few books I like to go to if we think there may be a chance of Linus not getting to sleep. He was supremely over tired. This is such a calming book, Margaret Wise-Brown's sweet poem has the right balance of information and calming. Rebecca Elliot's illustrations back that up, so who could fail to go straight to sleep after that? It worked too!

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