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Friday, 5 December 2014

Snowmice and other creatures

December 5 2014

With colder days, it's time to break out the winter books.  William's Winter Wish is a pretty book, illustrated by Rosie Reeve. The story, by Gillian Shields, is about a mouse, his grandpa, a snowglobe and the wish for snow. All William really wants to do is build a snowmouse and play in the snow. It's a little longer story than we usually go for. I don't think Linus remembered it from before, I probably haven't read it since earlier this year. He listened attentively and I try to involve him with the story, especially when William gets into a spot of bother when he doesn't ask for help.

Thank You for Being My Friend is a colourful tale of a toy horse called Cleo. Cleo finds herself alone in a house and scared of various things in the dark. She later meets with a duck called Daphne who eases her fears. Peter Bently's story is illustrated by Gill McLean. It's another we don't bring out too often, it is an interesting story. I could see it working for kids who have problems with the dark, although there could be a possibility that kids are bothered about monsters in the dark because they keep reading about them!

My least favourite of the Eric Carle books we have is probably Does a Kangaroo Have a Mother, Too?. It is the most repetitive, all that changes are the animal names on each page. As we started reading it I tried to think of a way of making it more interesting. With Brown Bear, Brown Bear, Linus likes to make the animal noises as they come up. With Kangaroo that is harder to do as the animals are on the page you can't see. So, with a rare bit of inspiration I had Linus read the word for the following animals. He's been getting to know letters over the last few months and has recently been spelling words out. With the few word changes per page it is easy enough to spot the different one and we had fun trying to spell them out. I got every one right, Linus managed about three or four. So the book went from being my least favourite to one I'm looking forward to bringing out again soon. I should add that Linus does like Eric Carle books, he seems to especially like the illustrations and often picks them up on his own.

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