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Sunday, 7 December 2014

She Wears Red Feathers

After The Bee Song entry, I had thoughts of other songs that would make good picture books. I couldn't think of a more apt one than She Wears Red Feathers, it might need a little adapting.

Written by Bob Merrill, who wrote countless hits, several of which could also be picture books, including How Much Is That Doggie in The Window and If I Knew You Were Coming I'd Have Baked a Cake. He also wrote Mambo Italiano and much more, including the stage show Funny Girl and the subsequent screenplay. As if that wasn't enough there were a number of other Broadway plays and musicals.

She Wears Red Feathers is a song about a London banker who marries a tropical island inhabitant who's diet consists of coconuts and fish (presumably there weren't supermarkets on the island).

The wedding ceremony looks to have been quite exotic, her parents seemed to have approved of the relationship and consented to the marriage, yet it was an elephant who brought the bride in and not her father. There didn't appear to be an organist, but there was a rather clever rendition of "Here Comes The Bride" performed by 6 baboons on bassoons.

Evidently the island life didn't suit the bridegroom and they returned to London, where he seems to have gone back to working at the bank. The island lady likes to sip tea and stroll arm in arm with her husband along Piccadilly, her diet appears to have not changed even living in London. I'd assume her fish supply comes from the Thames whilst her coconuts are probably imported.

The American singer Guy Mitchell had a UK number one hit with the song in 1953. Here he is performing it, although he does look a bit like he gives up on it about two thirds of the way in!

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