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Saturday, 6 December 2014

Several bears and a tickle

December 6 2014

The Polar Bear and the Snow Cloud is a sweet little story by Jane Cabrera. The polar bear of the title is a lonely little bear who finds a variety of snow friends courtesy of the snow clouds. It has some interesting ideas and inspires imagination. A nice wintry addition to our library, albeit not one that we read too often.

Mr. Tickle was the first of Roger Hargreaves' Mr. Men books, apparently started when his son asked him what a tickle looked like. As I've said before, Linus is Mr. Men crazy. I'm sure one of the attractions is the compact size of the books. With Mr. Tickle I can add a few personal tickles along the way. It's a regular gigglefest! The story starts off well with Mr. Tickle making good use of his extraordinarily long arms. It's only later in the story that he starts to cause a nuisance of himself, although everyone seems to take it well. Mr. Tickle has no hair, he does wear a blue bowler hat. He is one of only four orange Mr. Men.

Bill Martin Jr is probably more familiar in the US than the UK. Born in 1916 he wrote or co-wrote over 300 children's books. It sounds impressive but I'm guessing some didn't take that long to write.  Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? is a pleasant, repetitive book, illustrated by Eric Carle. I can't recall why but we have two copies of this book. We tried spelling out some colours and animal names whilst reading this one. Given that Linus can read this aloud on his own he's quite good at reading/guessing what the words say. Our two copies have the same text, I have seen some with an extra animal than we have, I'm not sure why they'd edit one out, perhaps they didn't want to give out too many royalty cheques.

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