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Monday, 15 December 2014

Orange is not the only colour

December 15 2014

The Day The Crayons Quit has been a top selling picture book worldwide. It's easy enough to see why. It has a unique set up of being a series of letters from the crayons to their owner. Drew Daywalt's text runs alongside drawings by Oliver Jeffers that look like they have been drawn in crayon. Linus is a bit young for it but was relating to it quite well. I can see how older kids would get the jokes more and have more interest in it. I quite enjoyed giving each crayon a different accent based on their characteristics.

Kazuno Kohara's The Midnight Library is a strikingly different looking picture book. It's a yellowy orange background with black text and black and blue illustrations. The story is a little different too, it's about what happens in a midnight library, run by a little librarian and her three assistant owls. Linus said he liked this book and it was a "very funny one". I don't know that it is over burdened with laughs, but we did like it. Unlike The Day The Crayons Quit this one is just about the right age level for Linus. The interesting way the drawings are is a sure way to grab attention. It is also a nice way of looking at a library.

Goodnight Moon was our final book of the night. I've talked about it before here. Margaret Wise Brown's book has had a slow and steady rise to its classic status. Released in 1947 it is now a multi million selling book. Here made in to a simple animation, narrated by Susan Sarandon.

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