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Saturday, 20 December 2014

One of my hat is missing

December 19 2014

Getting nearer to Christmas means the odd Christmas book en route. Stick Man isn't specifically a Christmas book but Santa does make an appearance. Julia Donaldson is on great form for the story of Stick Man. The story grew out of the stick friend held by The Gruffalo's Child in the book of the same name. Axel Scheffler's illustrations are, as always, wonderfully cheerful and full of detail. Stick Man is taken from his family and goes through a series of near fatal mishaps until he manages to salvage his own and everybody else's Christmas. Like several Donaldson books, it has been turned into a stage play and is currently playing at the Leicester Square Theatre, London.

Thank You for Looking After Our Pets is Tim Hopgood's funny take on messages left for house-sitters. As with all of Tim Hopgood's work, the pictures are strikingly colourful. The pets being looked after are a little out of the ordinary. It's a funny read for adults and entertaining for kids, with a broad age range appeal.

Only when I started writing this blog had I noticed I'd picked two Julia Donaldson books tonight.  Rosie's Hat is quite different to those illustrated by Axel Scheffler. The illustrations by Anna Currey are quite old fashioned looking, giving it a traditional feel. It feels as though the pictures came before the story. It has an odd flow as a story (spoilers ahead). Rosie is a little girl, her hat blows away, it eventually lands in a tree and is used as a birds' nest. Rosie grows up to be a firefighter. When the fire brigade are called to rescue a cat up a tree, Rosie turns up and finds her hat. It's a complicated plot that is awaiting being turned into a Hollywood blockbuster. If they could just involve a North Korean head of state it would be a sure fire hit.

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