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Sunday, 28 December 2014

It's still Christmas, Charlie Brown

December 28 2014

As we roll into 2015, we still have a few Christmas books to read. Our snow didn't last long so A Charlie Brown Christmas is a happy replacement. I find some of the Peanuts books a bit clunky, this one could do with a trim here and there. It's a little too long and meanders a little. The pictures kept Linus well entertained. The story is typical Peanuts, Charlie Brown's choice of Christmas tree adds to his friends low expectations and his own sadness, but all works out well in the end. Cartoon Linus offers some sage advice en route, clever chaps those Linuses!

Linus seems to be in a change period right now, so I'm not sure how much is tiredness or if he is changing his likes and dislikes as far as bedtime reading goes. I decided to go with two shorter books to finish off with.

The Hueys in The New Jumper seems to be a popular Oliver Jeffers book with the boy. We read it only a few days ago. The simple illustrations seem to grab his attention, the teeny tiny Huey is a firm favourite. I do like reading this quirky book, it's on my wavelength in its humour and in its message about individuality.

Up until we brought home Nick Sharratt's Fancy Dress Christmas recently, I would have said that One Mole Digging A Hole is a little young for Linus. It is a quick and simple book, yet there is a lot here in Sharratt's illustrations. The words are by Julia Donaldson, the title sets up what the book is about, if I tell you the penultimate page is "ten bees pruning trees" then you'll be able to work out the rest. Linus can use his knowledge of numbers and some words, so whilst it is young to read to him, it's of age for him to almost be able to read himself. It also gives me a chance to include a video of Julia Donaldson and her husband Malcolm singing the song.

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