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Sunday, 21 December 2014

Giggles, cats & dogs and trains

December 21 2014

Little Miss Giggles is the seventh of the Little Miss books. I'm not as familiar with the Little Miss as the Mr. Men, I generally find them a little more twee than I'd like. Linus seems to like them all, although he does have his favourites. Little Miss Giggles is probably not one of the better of Roger Hargreaves' books, the story is weaker than many of them. It does have all the ingredients though, brilliant illustrations and a character with a problem to resolve. The wonderful Dr. Makeyouwell makes an appearance, last seen in Mr. Bounce, the good doctor seems to have an interesting way of dealing with his patient's problems, he certainly isn't one of the best doctors in the NHS. Little Miss Giggles visits him with obvious depression and he tells her there is nothing he can do for her. His work with Mr. Bounce was marginally more successful, although I suspect Mr. Bounce may have sued him for building work.

Have You Seen Elvis? is a quirky book. It's a tale of a cat and dog fighting like a cat and a dog. Elvis the cat leaves home and Buddy the dog is a little sad for his owner and decides to go in search of Buddy. Nicola Slater's pictures are great fun and it's a neat story from Andrew Murray. It isn't one of Linus' favourites but we do enjoy it.

We have rarely, if ever, watched Thomas The Tank Engine, there's no reason behind it. In addition to that, we only have one Thomas book,  Meet the Engines! (Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends). This is an introductory board book with a few of the engines and a few pages of activity. Linus was reading the letters of the names of the few engines we meet, I was trying to get him to match up his memory of who they were with his knowledge of the letters.

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