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Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Fancy Dress Christmas and other animals

December 23 2014

Linus has been over obsessed with snow for the last few weeks, snow and Christmas. Every TV programme he watches needs to have snow or a Christmas theme. The Gruffalo's Child fits the bill, with plenty of snow, there's no Christmas, except for the wily mouse who manages to not get eaten again. Linus is so familiar with the story that he can anticipate the action. His favourite part is pointing out the Gruffalo's cave drawings of the fox, the snake, the owl and the big bad mouse. It's a fabulous book, Axel Scheffler's illustrations are full of great detail (the mouse's Gruffalo snowman is inspired) and Julia Donaldson has carefully crafted a worthy sequel to her most famous work.

Linus is still a little under the weather so has been indulging in a little more TV, I tried to get him to watch a Maisy episode earlier, he preferred Mr. Snow. Maisy Goes to the Library is another in the Maisy Goes series, Maisy and her friends visit the library and experience all a library has to offer. Linus likes these simple Lucy Cousins books, there's plenty to relate to and lots of detail within the pictures. Fortunately the Maisy in the stories is much happier than the costumed Maisy we saw at our library. Some people aren't cut out for costume work.

Lately we tend to buy books for Linus that are aimed at 3 year olds. He's a few months off but he's bright and understands them.  Fancy Dress Christmas is not really one I'd pick, Linus was enamoured with it and has barely put it down since we brought it home. It's a rhyming lift the flap book, various animals dressed as Christmas objects, lift the flaps and the animals are revealed. Since a very early age Linus has really enjoyed Nick Sharratt's illustrations. Like Quentin Blake, Sharratt has illustrated books for a range of ages, so the love of his work, early on is likely to inspire later reading. Fancy Dress Christmas is a great book, or so Linus would say.

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