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Sunday, 7 December 2014

Dot to Pig

December 7 2014

I like to read picture books that are new and different. It does seem that there is a middle market flooded with the same types of books, so I'll pick ones with quirkier titles or intriguing opening lines. As this blog shows there is a large amount of variety out there, even the most fun Oliver Jeffers or entertaining Julia Donaldson book is still a picture book. Hervé Tullet, however, has not only managed to create different and entertaining books, he's created his own genre. Press Here is a lot of fun. Linus loves the interaction of tapping dots, shaking pages, blowing pages. I'm looking forward to more of his and what he produces in the future. He does seem to cover a big age range, so it will be interesting to see if his books and activities remain interesting to Linus as he grows.

Love From Louisa is an interesting idea. A pig is fed up with the state of the farm she lives on and writes a series of anonymous letters to the farmer to get him to clean up. Simon Puttock has written a funny story, which has entertaining illustrations by Jo Kiddie. It's probably aimed at a little older age group than Linus. I can see a young reader finding it funny. There's plenty to talk about amongst the pictures and we had a spot of scarecrow spotting.

I Love You, Little Monster is a favourite of mine for last book of the night. It is calming and loving. It was originally called "Keep Love In Your Heart, Little One", presumably it was changed to sell more copies. If it was then it's sad that the old title, which is far more in line with the text, didn't sell as well. London-born Giles Andreae is the author of what should be a future classic. It has the warmth of a Margaret Wise Brown. The illustrations, by Jess Mikhail complement the loving story. I've read it so often now that I barely cry when I'm reading it!

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