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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Christmas, cow rustling and bear relations

December 9 2014

We returned to Muddypaws tonight. This time Muddypaws' First Christmas.  The title pretty much informs the story. Muddypaws is a mischievous dog and remains so even at Christmas. As I said in yesterday's post, Simon Mendez's pictures are curiously entertaining with a realistic feel. It has lots of cute pictures throughout and a good enough story from Paul Bright.  It isn't ever going to be a Christmas classic. Linus was enjoying the Christmas themes and I'm sure he'll flick through it again.

What the Ladybird Heard was read by us three weeks ago, I'd have thought it would be more. It's probably my favourite to read with Linus. He loves performing the animal noises "and the cow says "MOOOOOOOOOOO" ". For those not in the know, the plot is a robbery attempt by two bad men, to steal a farm's prize cow. It's certainly the best of the Julia Donaldson/Lydia Monks partnership and one of Donaldson's best too. I'll post the video below of the song of the book, performed by Julia Donaldson and her husband Malcolm.

Me and My Dad! is as good as any of the "I love my mum", "My grandad loves me", type books. Alison Ritchie's story is a sentimental one about a father and son bear. I get to tickle Linus' nose and give him a kiss, all on the first page. It's a nice last book before bedtime. Alison Edgson's illustrations are very cute. There's obviously a market for books with titles that are clearly for gift purposes. As a book that seems obviously to have been written as a cash cow it is a good example.

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