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Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Captain Pugwash

I think the current crop of kids' programmes is better than it has ever been. CBeebies output, especially, is full of well thought out, entertaining and educational shows, covering a range of bases.

There doesn't appear to be anything like Captain Pugwash around these days. I don't know if I'm unique in not remembering much beyond the theme tune and Captain Pugwash's shirt, so I may be way off the mark in saying it is worth another remake.

Captain Pugwash was first shown on TV in 1957. Captain Horatio Pugwash sailed the seas in his ship, The Black Pig.

The first lot of cartoons aired from 1957-1966, then in 1974-1975 and a new cartoon appeared in 1997. Pugwash debuted in 1950 in The Eagle as a comic strip, written by John Ryan, and later in the Radio Times. Eventually becoming the star of 24 books.

The theme tune, as I said, is the most memorable part of the show, apparently a tune dating back to before 1850 known as the Trumpet Hornpipe or Thunder Hornpipe.

Anyway here is Horatio and the gang (the theme tune's at the end).

Watch Captain Pugwash Ep01 - Down the Hatch in Animation | View More Free Videos Online at

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