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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Broom, Boo, Wolf

December 2 2014

"and woosh! they were gone...". It's time for Room on the Broom. This book has been made into a stage play, countless spin off sound and activity books, toys, puzzles and an Academy Award nominated animation. There can't be many people who don't like this, One of the bad reviews I found was someone who objected to the use of the word "ginger" (no, me neither!) and was also perturbed by the dragon being a bit scary for her child, one who thought it was too repetitive and unengaging for their child and another who thought it was too long to read. Linus is more than engaged with it and follows the story well, after having watched the movie pushing 100 times and read the book more, he is nowhere near being tired of it.

I think it's one of Julia Donaldson's best books, even Axel Scheffler's animation has a little change of direction with a darker feel, although there is still a sneaky squirrel that pops up. Linus loves to shout "woosh! they were gone" at the right times. It is very enjoyable to read, I'm sure it's not politically incorrect to give the dragon a Welsh accent, the frog's French accent may well be, c'est la vie.

We've had  Scaredy Boo for quite a while now. I confess to not being overly impressed on first impressions. I think I expected more from Claire Freedman (illustrated by Russell Julian). After several readings I'm beginning to really like it. Scaredy Boo is one of many monsters living in a house, but this one is scared all the time. It's an interesting way of deflating the notion of monsters under the bed, if they are there, they're scared too. It's a rhyming story, there's some fun monster pictures and an interesting way of setting the words on the page. It would make a good early reader book with clear typesetting along with some trickier fun words.

What's The Time Mr Wolf? is one of very many books with the same title. Presumably following the kids game of the same name that I have no recollection of, Meg just said she'd heard of it and I looked it up. The wolf in this version is much friendlier and is very helpful to the three little pigs. Linus was reading the time on each page for the first time, so that was a nice bonus. I find this a fun read. Amanda Enright's story is quite fast paced but slows down as the day goes on and ends up with a sleeping wolf, so a perfect last book. Goodnight Mr. Wolf.

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