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Monday, 8 December 2014

Ben, Floyd and Flop

December 8 2014

We opened with a book that Linus wanted read over and over when we first got it. Muddypaws Goes to School is an intriguing looking picture book. The pictures, by Simon Mendez, are photograph-like drawings, giving a realistic effect. Muddypaws is a series of books, unusually, by different authors, the illustrator remains the same. Muddypaws goes to School is by Peter Bently. It's a children's story book, about the dog Muddypaws and his owner and best friend Ben taking a trip to school. It's a simple and effective story that works well with the pictures. Linus still enjoys it, I think he enjoys the difference of the illustrations.

Another visit to Oliver Jeffers' Stuck. The boy Floyd has a trying time getting his kite down from the tree. We had a little discussion of why he didn't just ask for help rather than keep throwing things up! Linus also spotted a penguin up the tree, he doesn't get mentioned in the story.
Jeffers has some interesting resources online. Here he is in a video promoting the book by showing how to draw Floyd.

Finally, Linus requested  Ted Dewan's Bing: Bed Time. It's currently safe to say Bing is Linus' favourite TV show. He still likes Sarah & Duck a lot but Bing is churning out more new episodes at the moment. He appears to revel in something new, ask to watch it again a couple of times and then start on some others. I should probably do a separate post about the TV show some time.

I've talked about us reading this book before, it's about Bing and his pal/teddy Flop and their bed time routine. It is perfectly pitched at Linus' age. Tonight, Linus started by 'reading' the first few pages, I'll probably be redundant soon enough. He's even started on voices too.

Bed time stories, it's a Ross and Linus thing.

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