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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

A very useful worm, a flying penguin and some ducks

December 3 2014

I like to think that Linus and I are equally entertained at story time. I try and mix up the voices on the readings, some stay familiar, others get muddled up. For Superworm I always end up with a Pathe News voice. Superworm is yet another Julia Donaldson/Axel Scheffler  book, complete with rhyming verse and squirrels. Linus has a very enjoyable shout of "Superwummm" in all the right places. It veers a little from the usual Donaldson format. The story starts off happy with a very mildly scary, tense middle section that gets resolved through friendship and working together. I can see this one being read for several more years. I'd put it with Stick Man as being the next Donaldson/Scheffler book that should be turned into a short animated movie.

When I started this blog, the main reason was to stop me repeating the same old Julia Donaldson and Oliver Jeffers books. I was surprised to learn that we hadn't read either Superworm or Oliver Jeffers' Up and Down in the last month. If you pick Up and Down without being familiar with Lost and Found, you could be a little lost. It is a sequel, you don't need to have read the first to follow the story, but it does help to know how Jeffers' mind works. It's a story of aspiration and friendship infused with Jeffers' wonderful illustrations and humorous writing. I did check with Linus and he can't fly.

There was a mini guitar attached to the Cbeebies magazine Linus bought today and he decided to accompany our Ning Nang Nong rendition tonight. I may have been out of key, but never having known what that means I wouldn't know.

For our final book, I went to another we've had since birth  Eric Carle's 10 Little Rubber Ducks is a fun concept. Based on a true story of a cargo of rubber ducks going overboard at sea. It's a simple story following the ten ducks as they each travel in different directions. It's typical Carle, with plenty of repetition and colourful illustrations. Linus joined in with some very nice quacks. Even though it's simple I find the structure of this can be difficult to read and calls for a little parental editing. Linus enjoys it, so it gets a reading every so often. There aren't too many rubber duck books, Sesame Street's Ernie would approve.

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