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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

A Squash and a Squeeze

December 30 2014

After a few days of new books, I asked Linus if there were any requests. We settled on Thomas The Tank Meet The Engines and A Squash and a Squeeze. There was also a new book called Kiss, which I'll blog about again.

I've blogged about both of those before. With the Thomas book, Linus is now beginning to read the names of the trains. He matches up his knowledge of the trains with his knowledge of the letters and is working out what they say when he isn't quite sure which one is which. He actually reads the letters from right to left but seems to know that they read the other way.

A Squash and A Squeeze puts me in mind of the Jewish Passover song Chad Gadya. It has a similar rhythm and a build up of nonsense surrounding animals, and the goat gets to be the funny one. Julia Donaldson probably didn't have Judaism in mind when she wrote the song that begot the book, otherwise she'd have left out the pig!

As I mentioned the book was originally a song, featured on a BBC kids' programme, Play School. It was sung by Derek Griffiths and Floella Benjamin. The song was much later put down on paper and illustrated by Axel Scheffler, soon begetting The Gruffalo, The Gruffalo's Child, Stick Man and many more successful books.
The story is of a little old lady who is unhappy with her lot, with the help of a wise old man, she soon discovers that sometimes it is better to accept what you have. Linus really enjoys the story, the illustrations and my entertaining and enthralling reading of it. The original song is on the video below. So let's look through the square window and see...

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