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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

A Hero, Trouble and Tickles

December 1 2014

After discovering that our copy of Chris Haughton's A Bit Lost had several bits lost yesterday, Linus still wanted to read it again and again today. He'll grow up liking suspense stories, I will look for some Darcy Sarto (I was going to see if anyone got the reference and lo and behold someone has actually written the book, I'm not the only crazy one).

Not many books sell me on the cover alone but I defy anyone to resist this one

You're a Hero, Daley B! is illustrated by Axel Scheffler, anyone even vaguely familiar with his name would know that one. This book dates back to 1992 but was reissued a couple of years ago. Writer Jon Blake mostly writes for older kids but this one is a whole lot of fun. There's a slightly scary encounter with a weasel but otherwise it rolls along with lots of little jokes and joyous illustrations. I was surprised to learn that this was Scheffler's first published book, the Scheffler universe seems in place from the start, the squirrels look a bit less friendly than in later works. Daley B. questions his identity, Linus was happy enough to tell him that he was a bunny rabbit.

Linus is very much Mr. Men and Little Miss crazy, despite there being a myriad of other options he always makes a beeline for them at the library. At home, he continually reads and asks to watch the old cartoons. He knows all the names and simply can't get enough of them. I've always enjoyed reading them so am happy to go along with his wishes whilst mixing up with plenty of others. The "glitter collection" was an attempt to add a bit of depth to the series. Adam Hargreaves has put his father, Roger's characters in newer situations, whilst often keeping to a similar format.

Little Miss Trouble and the Mermaid takes a little longer to get to the point but has the same result for Little Miss Trouble as the earlier books had for Mr. Greedy, Mr Nosey, Little Miss Bossy and the other negative characters. I found the text a bit long, either there could be less text or a couple more picture pages. Linus enjoyed it and I got to do my Queen voice (that's Her Majesty, I didn't sing Bohemian Rhapsody!).

Sandra Boynton is quite a prolific writer of board books. Tickle Time is a mish-mash of nonsense language, pictures of cats and a lot of tickles. Linus wasn't in an over ticklish mood tonight but a few raised a laugh. There's no story here but there is plenty to look out and some fun gibberish to read. It's a nice mix with some of the other board books we have. I often forget we have some of the board books, so I'll hopefully get a few more out over the next few nights.

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