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Saturday, 13 December 2014

A hat, a scarf, a moon landing

December 13 2014

Whenever we go into a bookshop, Linus hunts out the Mr. Men books, it's definitely a Linus thing. Mr. Chatterbox has quite a good, fun stand alone story. What is the best way to get away from a chatterbox? Let's just say we'll be buying a couple of neighbours a hat each from Mr. Bowler's hat shop. Linus enjoys all the Mr. Men/Little Miss stories, so that was a given. It is a fun read for me in the chatterbox bits.

Mr Chatterbox is one of only five Mr. Men to wear both a hat and shoes, the others are Mr. Nonsense, Mr Silly, Mr. Funny and Mr Wrong.

Little Owl's Orange Scarf is a rather charming little book. The story is about a little owl who doesn't like his orange scarf and manages to shake it off at the zoo. Tatyana Feeney uses simple illustrations to tell a simple story. We've borrowed this from the library a couple of times. I can see it being a nice book to give a baby and to keep coming back to it. The pictures and simple colours are very eye catching and easy to follow, the pages aren't too busy.

Oliver Jeffers'  The Way Back Home has recently been in the news after being turned into an opera by the English National Opera. Perhaps one day I'll sing it with Linus ("fortissimo, dadda, fortissimo"). We do enjoy this one a lot. I did ask Linus if he wanted his own aeroplane or to fly to the moon, he said no. The boy is grounded, he must get that from his mother.

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