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Friday, 12 December 2014

A baby bird, an elephant and a teddy bear

December 12 2014

Considering his first book was published in 1989, I'm surprised I haven't come across Simon James' work before. George Flies South is a really cute and entertaining little book. As writer and illustrator James does well at having additional story within the pictures. It's a simple enough story of a baby bird who's mum wants him to fly south. At the start of the story George doesn't yet have confidence in flying. Staying in his nest, George gets blown away by a gust of wind and, as his mum follows, George ends up going on a little adventure. It has an interesting theme, Linus enjoyed following the pictures and we were both pleased when the "cat didn't get him". I look forward to reading some other of Simon James books available.

We have some other books by Gillian Shields,  Elephantantrum! is much more fun and entertaining than the others. The story is a bit like a cross between a Mr. Men/Little Miss and The Tiger Who Came To Tea. The story develops quite well, it certainly packs more in than your average picture book. I asked Linus if he'd like to have an elephant come live with us, he doesn't. He'd much prefer for it to go to a farm and then he an visit it with his friends. Cally Johnson-Isaacs' illustrations really bring the story to life. For the first time, Linus declared "that was a really funny one". So consider it recommended!

In  One Ted Falls Out of Bed, Julia Donaldson channels Margaret Wise-Brown. Illustrated by Anna Currey, this book is just a simple bedtime story. It's a counting story, each element of the book counts up from one to ten and then down again. The illustrations give it a traditional feel. There's lots to see and spot in the pictures and the story ends with the teddy bear in bed and sleeping with his owner. A perfect last book before sleep.

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