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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

13 Bunnies and a Magic Cat

December 10 2014

A few weeks ago Linus had a mini meltdown when I was talking to him about there being a Bing magazine "one day". He didn't quite get the concept of "one day" and wanted it that day. Well the day finally arrived. The CBeebies magazines tend to be good quality, with a good proportion of fun and educational elements and more importantly, lots of stickers. They always have one or two stories too, this one had a story based on an episode of the show, Blankie. It was a nice, simple bedtime story, familiar and fun. A good start.

"Not that Bing, dadda".

Miaow Said the Cow is mostly a story about a magic cat who changes how the animals speak so he can get some sleep. Changing animal voices seems to be a relatively common theme in some picture books. I think we quite enjoyed this book, although Linus was as tired as I've seen him, so I wasn't concentrating too much on the book. I do like Emma Dodd's illustrations and her story was an easy to read rhyme, even if I wasn't sure what I was saying! We'll come back to it soon.

The next book is an ideal Linus book.  The House of 12 Bunnies is a story book and a search & find book. The 12th bunny, Sophia is looking for something. As we go along it gives a count of what are on the pages (in a story telling way). So we were looking for teddy bears, trumpets, chairs and whatever else was mentioned. There were single and multiple items so some nice counting. As Linus was only hanging on to being awake, I managed to do very well at spotting most things. I gave myself five bonus points. Judith Rossell's illustrations are lovely and busy, but not overly so. Caroline Stills story is based on a story her 8-year old daughter wrote. Daughter, Sarcia Stills-Blott is given a writing credit too.

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