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Saturday, 29 November 2014

The Snowy Night

November 28 2014

This Moose Belongs to Me is a more recent Oliver Jeffers' book. The pictures are very cool and the story is along the lines of Lost & Found although Wilfred and The Moose have a much looser relationship than the boy and the penguin. I asked Linus if he'd like to own a Moose like Wilfred thinks he does, he was a definite no. I was quite relieved, I had no idea where to get one from. I will go back to looking for a new coat hanger that he proclaimed he wanted from Santa.

Over the last year or so,  The Gruffalo's Child has been one of Linus' favourite films and books. The Gruffalo and Gruffalo's Child films really are very well done. There are few words added or taken away from the original texts, yet the stories are fleshed out with the amazing animation. Linus can almost read this alone, so we often look for new things or he'll complete verses. This is not an ordinary cashing in sequel, it's as well written, by Julia Donaldson, and illustrated, complete with extra squirrels by Axel Scheffler, as the first. Linus isn't fooled into thinking any of the other animals are the mouse, the boy's not easily duped!

I sometimes ask Linus to choose a book for story time, he doesn't always pick one. Tonight he decided on  Snowballs and Sunshine. I've blogged about this one fairly recently.  Having picked this one, I picked the other two. We appear to have picked lots of snowy books between us, I bet it will snow in the next few months now. Spooky!

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