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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

The Elusive Little Miss Loud

Last night we read Mr. Brave and Linus was flicking through it again this morning. "Who's that dadda?", he said pointing to a red triangular Miss with a bow in her hair. I found a Little Miss book and looked at the back and again at the picture. She wasn't there. Then I went to the Mr. Men Wikia pages, on the Mr. Brave page it lists all the characters featured, with and without speaking parts (they're overly thorough).

The character we were looking for (as you may expect from the title of this post!) Little Miss Loud. I went back to the Little Miss list, she wasn't there. They did mention a French edition called Madame Tintamarre. Despite my extensive (well, A Level) French qualifications tintamarre was a relatively new word to me. It sounds like fun. As far as I can tell there isn't an English version of Little Miss Loud, unless you know different

We have read a few books with English & French in to Linus, I think the idea of having the Monsieur et Madame books some time in the future would be a great idea. I'm sure I'd love them, I mean he'd love them, obviously! There are some great titles although I can't find which one Mme Bovary translates to, Little Miss Painful Memories of French A-Level seems a bit wordy.

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