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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Sugarlump, Douglas, Big!

November 20 2014

A trip to the library usually means some new books and so, this is the story of our new books.

Sugarlump and the Unicorn is the third in a series of books by Julia Donaldson and illustrator Lydia Monks. We quite like The Singing Mermaid and love What The Ladybird Heard. I think we're in safe hands for a starting book. As with almost all Donaldson books, it's a rhyming verse. Sugarlump is a rocking horse and unicorns grant wishes to all horses. So, Sugarlump goes through several stages of horsedom (that's a word right?) and ends up with a fate better than death, at least as far as rocking horses go. Linus tends to be a little apprehensive of new books, although the illustrations make for some familiarity and even the singing mermaid makes an appearance. I'm sure he'll want to look at it again tomorrow.

It seems to take a while for picture books to catch on successfully, so I was surprised to learn that  Hugless Douglas was first published in 2010. It does seem to be everywhere and growing in popularity, there's a website,  3 sequels, apps, a stage show, soft toys and more. Hugless Douglas is a bear in search of a hug, he ends up at the best place anyone can find a hug (spoiler alert), his mum. We have a couple of other books by David Melling, the illustrations are very fun with a lot to follow. The last couple of pages have a series of illustrations demonstrating different types of hugs. I asked Linus if he had a special hug that he liked, apparently it's a "crayon hug", I think that's a hug where you draw your own conclusion.

I'm continually drawn (don't you just hate unintentional puns?) to writer/illustrator Tim Hopgood. I recently picked up a copy of his illustration of the Louis Armstrong song What A Wonderful World, it is beautiful, every house should have a copy. Big! is a series of pictures of a little boy querying his height, when will he be bigger. As expected, the pictures are great, colourful and fun. There are plenty of relatable experiences throughout, Linus can now reach light switches and he still isn't as tall as a building. We talked about how he is growing, "yes, and mama and dadda are still growing too", then we had a crayon hug and all went to bed.

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