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Friday, 21 November 2014

Quiet, Ducks, Happy Harry

November 21 2014

Linus is still Mr. Men crazy, both reading and watching. There have certainly been some strange incarnations of them on TV over the years. Mr. Quiet was our opener for the evening. Linus was a little nonplussed as to why he was living in the middle of Loudland, if Mr. Quiet had looked on Rightmove he could quite easily have found a nice pied-a-terre in Quietland or Silentville. Anyway there's a lack of worms or wizards but Mr. Happy makes an appearance and he manages to get things sorted for Mr. Q. Mr. Quiet is Mr. Men number 29 by Roger Hargreaves. To add some confusion, Mr. Quiet has latterly been seen as pale blue and more egg shaped. He also has some hair, so regular viewers can feel free to correct my previous follicle error.

I've mentioned before about Bing being one of Linus' favourite programmes, it still is. We like Bing too and his carer Flop. Flop should be a template for every parent, calm and measured, caring and kind, so gently voiced in the TV series. The TV series is based on books by Ted Dewan and we do have some of the original books. We also follow the Facebook page and recently won a few of the newer books. The newer books are based on TV episodes (they also include stickers, what more could a toddler want?). We've read a few other TV tie-in books and they often just throw words and pictures on to a page and hope for the best, these are much better than that. Bing Ducks, is based on one of our favourite episodes. There's lots of ways to interact here and plenty of silly noises to make, it's a splendid book.

Michael Rosen's Blue caused some controversy here. The Boy Linus and his daddy quite liked it, Meg was not impressed. The latest Michael Rosen book we brought home was the rather fun Happy Harry's Cafe . Rosen does seem to follow his own path, this is a story of the worst kind of soup you can possibly get, soup without a spoon. Not since the wonderful stories of Kevin The Chef have I read a story of a chef, so it's nice to see a bit of cooking. Even without the silly song in it, this book has a jazzy feel to it, there's a really odd vibe throughout and Richard Holland's illustrations add to that. There's also a page of laughing which raised laughs from the boy. He did look a little confused throughout but I'd say this one is a grower for both parent and child, I can't see it ever seeming very sensible though!

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