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Thursday, 6 November 2014

Movember, Princess and Tom Thumb

November 5th 2014

When we finally managed to get away from the window watching fireworks we kicked off story time with Mr. Moustache. By Adam Hargreaves, Mr. Moustache is a newer addition to the Mr. Men oeuvre. We got this from Amazon UK and it is a US edition (I've never seen it in the shops and couldn't discover from Amazon if there even is a UK version). If you're not terribly fussy that behaviour is spelled without a u then you won't mind. My American wife informs me that moustache is usually spelled without a u too but isn't here, most confusing.

Adam is the son of original Mr. Men creator Roger Hargreaves. If you are a Mr. Men fan (Linus has gone crazy for them over the last few weeks), this doesn't disappoint.
It's fun and there are plenty of other Mr. Men to spot throughout the story (there is a story too, so no spoilers from here).

The Worst Princess by Anna Kemp, illustrated by Sara Ogilvy. The Worst princess is probably the best Princess, the Prince is a jerk and the dragon fares quite well. It's a rhyming verse, funny for both adult and child. By the way, all dragons need to speak with a Welsh accent or possibly Dot from Eastenders. This book is an update of all those books where the prince/knight/king is the hero and the female lead is a poor wretch waiting to be saved.

Each Peach Pear Plum. An "I-spy" book by Janet and Allan Ahlberg. Whilst Allan Ahlberg is still writing books today, this one dates back to 1978. The search for the many fairy tale characters that populate this tale make for a great little interaction. There's much more to the illustrations than just the hidden characters too. It's a lovely short final book for bedtime, a quick read. At a few months under 3, I'd say Linus is coming to the end of this one. It was a birth gift and it has certainly been well read. I've seen several of Ahlberg's books, both younger and older and he has a great knack of taking the familiar and making it different. He's someone I often look for to check ones I haven't seen before.

Well, 3 days in to what was essentially me wanting to log what books I read and when. An attempt to keep bedtime stories varied and interesting to both of us. Expect some Margaret Wise Brown, more Julia Donaldson and Oliver Jeffers and several more Mr. Men plus some more obscure ones along the way.

Night Night

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