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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Missing painting, missing hat and missing from home

November 17 2014

I was just having a look through Mumsnet's list of books for Christmas for 0-3 year olds. We've read a couple of them already, Snow and Oi Frog sound intriguing. I like to check out award winners, although there does seem to be an abundance of them. We recently went to a show where someone claimed to have an award winning book, I suspect they had invented their own prize and awarded it themselves as I'd neither heard of the book nor the prize.

William and the Missing Masterpiece by Helen Hancocks is only her second book, and a follow up to multi award nominated Penguin In Peril. It was first published in May 2014, so very new. It's the only cheese based detective story we own (discounting the Rastamouse book we have). William is a detective hired to search for the missing Mona Cheesa. It's a little old for Linus so we only read it occasionally, but he does enjoy it and asks for it on other occasions too. There are some lovely fun illustrations and for a pun loving fool such as me there are puns galore. I also get to do plenty of French accents for real French people, as opposed to Julia Donaldson amphibians.

In Jon Klassen's unique  I Want My Hat Back a bear goes in search of his missing hat. Now, doing this blog has diverted my attentions to book reviews on Amazon and clicking on the one star reviews. Some have valid points and some are just owning up to not having a sense of humour. So no matter what any reviews say, I Want My Hat Back is very funny. Linus loves the pictures, he likes stopping to name all the animals and sometimes sits and reads this book on his own, even copying some of the actions I do. I've seen questions of the dark humour, Linus doesn't get the actual joke that ends the book and even when he eventually does, I'm sure he'll take it as a joke. As far as I know, noo creatures were harmed in the illustrating of this book.

Oliver Jeffers makes another return with The Way Back Home, along with Lost & Found and Up & Down, this is part of a trilogy of largely unrelated stories. Linus does get excited when the penguin makes his brief appearance in this one. The boy in the story takes his aeroplane out for a ride but runs out of petrol and has to help himself and a new found friend find their way back home from the moon. It's as crazy as other Jeffers books, plenty of extra things to see in the pictures and the odd reference to other Jeffers books too. There tends to be a theme of loneliness, companionship and friendship that runs through several of his books that add a sense of warmth to the humour.

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