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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Lost, Underpants & Twits

November 4 2014

Oliver Jeffers' Lost & Found is a fun book. We watch the film of it sometimes too. The film is also sweet and charming, surprisingly it is quite different to the book and in a good way. The book is another of our favourites. With the illustrations there's always a detail I can find that I haven't seen before, even after several dozen readings. It's a story of friendship and loneliness. There's a seam of Milliganesque humour that runs through Jeffers' work. We have several of his books and they're ones I can never read enough of.

Underpants Wonderpants is by Peter Bently and illustrated by Deborah Melmon. It's a story of a super hero dog who can save everything with a zap that creates underpants and shapes them into an item to save everything from kangaroos through to royalty and ultimately the planet. It's a fun rhyming book. There does seem to be something of an obsession with underpants but they are a little more incidental here.

It Takes Two To T'wit T'woo by Paula Knight and illustrated by Guiliano Ferri. We bought this about 6 months ago, it was a low price book but has been a big hit. I think this is the first book Linus asked to be read continually for several days. He loves the illustrations of the animals and will point and name them along the way. "Geat big gizzly bear" is a joy to hear. It's a tale of a female owl enlisting the help of other animals to seek out a mate. It's also educational, teaching that the "T'wit T'woo" sound is made by two owls, the female calls "T'wit" and the male answers "T'woo". I'll resist the temptation to say the book is a hoot.

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