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Saturday, 29 November 2014

LLama Drama, Crocodile Style and a Bing Thing

November 29 2014

I don't really know what we made of Llama Llama Shopping Drama. It's the first of Anna Dewdney's books we've red, from a series that started with Llama Llama Red Pajama. This is the story of a stroppy toddler llama who throws a tantrum whilst out shopping with his mama. I mostly struggled with trying to get mama to rhyme with drama. It seem to have a moral that shopping is boring but needs to be done. Unless it's Black Friday scrambling to buy the last television on the planet, I quite enjoy shopping and would hope that Linus does too. I'd say the drama of this was a little over the top, perhaps it's a llama thing. Linus seemed to like it, hopefully he didn't relate to the crazy llama child. It's a shame the US supermarkets that llamas frequent don't have CBeebies magazines, they usually work, especially if they have a Mr. Tumble phone on (which they mostly do!).

Starting on this blog has encouraged me to look at more library books, so on our visit today I had in mind to randomly select a few books and see what happened. I never managed it, some seem to be not quite right, so I continue to use my discerning eye. I like to find something that looks a little bit different or unique.  Sylvester & Arnold is one of those. It initially caught my eye as Arnold was my dad's name, although he bears no resemblance to the crocodile in the story, he had less teeth for a start. David Bedford's story is an easy to relate one for toddlers. One crocodile has his own run of the swamp, until another of the same size arrives, when a third pushes them both out, can they find a way to all get on? There's lots of nice sound effects and a build up of tension in the story. Tom Jellett's illustrations are entertaining and quite unique. There's a picture of a crocodile on a slide, similar to one at a park we go to. I asked Linus if there were ever crocodiles on the slide there, sometimes there are, I'll be a bit more careful in future. You can't always tell who's a crocodile these days.

Bing: Something For Daddy has been adapted for the TV series as "Something for Sula". Sula being one of the characters they added when devising for television. This book is one of Ted Dewan's original books. They seem to be very well set up for Linus to enjoy. The colours are bright and cheerful, the pictures are engaging and the text is precise and invites interaction. I'm not entirely sure I'd have picked these books without first seeing the TV show but I would have been wrong. We also pick up on the catchphrases, I often find myself saying "it's no big thing" without a hint of innuendo.

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