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Friday, 28 November 2014

Linus and Friends

November 27 2014

In hono(u)r of Thanksgiving we went for an all American story time tonight.

Linus' namesake takes the lead in Charles Schulz's Happiness Is a Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown. It's a tale of a boy and his blanket. Linus quite likes "Cartoon Linus" and  listens very attentively. I didn't know this was a movie in 2011, to date the last longer (45 min) Peanuts cartoon. There is a new feature film scheduled for next year. Linus only tends to get briefly overly attached to inanimate objects. I still fondly look back on a tiny jam jar that he had a short fling with.
There's a Christmas Peanuts picture book that has just come out that looked quite fun, who knows what Santa has in store?

The Runaway Bunny was first published in 1942, it is, as far as I can find out, the second book to have been published by Margaret Wise Brown. There were six further books published in between this and Goodnight Moon. Illustrator Clement Hurd joins the world of The Runaway Bunny with that of Goodnight Moon. The picture of the cow jumping over the moon is on the wall in Runaway Bunny and in Goodnight Moon there  is an unmentioned picture from the Runaway Bunny. So the familarity of the pictures helps with the story. This must surely have inspired the much later Guess How Much I Love You?. The runaway bunny tells mother bunny that he is planning to run away but mother bunny reassures her baby that wherever he goes, she will always be there. We have a big board book of this and Linus insists that it is "a very heavy book", I find it quite a light read, childish in many ways.

In a similar vein is Anna Pignataro's  Mama, Will You Hold My Hand? This book was only published in 2010, it does have a very traditional feel to it. The baby bear, Sammy and his mama hold hands as they hike through the seasons together with no more than a tiny bindle (it's a bag on a stick!) each. Presumably abandoned by daddy bear, the two bears make their way cross country entertaining themselves as they go. Finally they manage to get away to somewhere with less extreme changes in weather by means of a hot air balloon. It is a pleasant short story with lovely pictures. As long as you don't try and analyse it, all will be ok. If you do try and analyse it, for a blog perhaps, you may end up wondering why both mama and Sammy wear clothes but never seem to wear any underwear. Perhaps they used their underwear to make up the bindle. If I ever get my hands on that wretch of a daddy bear, well I oughta...

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