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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Humphrey's Farm, Golden Underpants and Jamberry

November 19 2014

Humphrey's Farm Adventure was one of my early Pound shop book buys. I liked the little animal pictures on the corners of each page. If more books did that I'd be so much better read. Linus was just starting to do animal noises when we first read it. Now he can name all the animals, make the noises and count them too. This is an easy read and a simple story, I can see it hanging around to be an early reading book. The writer Sally Hunter has written several Humphrey books (and has own website), we have a couple of others too. We don't read this one too often any more but it still gets an airing everyIt' so often.

"Wow! This is a really fantastic book"  is stamped on the front of Sir Scallywag and the Golden Underpants and it follows through with a lot of good humour. It's a rhyming tale of a six year old knight, Sir Scallywag and his search for the King's golden underpants. Linus is probably a little young for this one, but he seems to enjoy Giles Andreae's story and Korky Paul's pictures. The story is great fun and some laugh out loud jokes throughout. I'd guess it is meant as a reading book for 6 year olds. The sequel, Sir Scallywag and the Deadly Dragon Poo is certainly aimed at 6 year olds. That one is a little too pooey for our liking!

Yet another one we've had since birth, Bruce Degen's  Jamberry is a firm favourite. It has a great combination of pictures and sing song words. Dating back to 1983, it's another one that I think should be more popular than it appears to be. The pictures are wonderfully detailed and I love the nonsensical rhymes. We even found a bread tree tonight that I hadn't noticed before.

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