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Sunday, 23 November 2014

How To Catch A Star - A Movie

Yesterday we read one of our favourites, How To Catch A Star by Oliver Jeffers. There's a great film of Lost & Found that was made a few years ago. It's a rare achievement in a film in that it is based on the book but is quite different in several ways, yet it still manages to be as good as the book.

Like most kids Linus often wants what he can't have or that simply doesn't exist. There were only 28 Mr. Men episodes directly based on the books, so no amount of politely asking for Mr. Skinny will make it appear. There are compromises though, and searching for requests can often throw up something a little bit different.

After watching Lost & Found, Linus requested "Catch Star", I knew there wasn't a film of it but thought I may find a reading. I found this animation by Chris Tomkins. It's just over 2 minutes and has altered some ideas from the book, we enjoyed it. I hope he got a good degree.

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