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Sunday, 23 November 2014

Hamilton, Moon Eating Rodent, Toddle

November 23 2014

There are several books that Linus likes more than I do. Hamilton's Hats is one of them. Linus especially like asking me to name all of the 120 hats on the opening pages, I can do trilby, fez, fedora, bowler but after a while it becomes "a blue hat with a feather in", "a floppy hat", "a flumpalumple hat". He thinks I'm the world's greatest hat expert. It is illustrated by Axel Scheffler and written by Martine Oborne. It is very much in Scheffler's universe, I'm fairly sure Hamilton makes an appearance in The Smartest Giant In Town (that one written by Julia Donaldson) and there are several of his infamous squirrels. It's a story of a pig who owns a lot of hats, examples of which appear in the story and teach him a life lesson. I find the narrative a bit tough to read, perhaps I prefer rhyming prose that flows along or maybe it is just a bit clunky.

The Mouse Who Ate the Moon first appeared a few nights ago, it is a library book, so I like to get two or three bedtime reads if Linus likes it. If you don't mind a little spoiler, the mouse eats what looks like a fruit, believing it to be part of the moon. I can read this over and over, just to hear Linus say "no, no, no, that's not the moon, it's a banana". Petr Horacek's book also has a cut out hole on the front cover (showing the moon), we had some fun with me tickling Linus through the hole.

Toddle Waddle is a fun little book. It's a nice simple read and some cracking illustrations from Nick Sharratt. There's a series of onomatopoeic words connected with the series of people, creatures and vehicles taking a seaside walk to the end of the pier. Julia Donaldson writes the words (though there aren't many of them). It is a fun read and fun to look at. We even get a "bye bye" at the end which Linus replies to. I'd recommend it as a good new baby book, there's lots of sounds and good clear single characters to identify and we still get plenty out of it now. I'm sure there will be some interest in some of the more unusual words when Linus starts reading.

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