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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Brave, Bug, Found

November 11 2014

On my last post about Mr. Men, I was beginning to think I knew a little bit more than I needed to. I was the first generation that grew up with them. I have happy memories reading them to my niece and nephew just short of 20 years ago. Now with Linus I'm getting familiar again. Never having contributed to the 557 pages on the Mr Men Wikia makes me feel a little better. It is a mine of information and I have only just discovered it. It led me to find out that Mr. Brave was one of the last Mr. Men written by Roger Hargreaves (he wrote Mr. Men 1-43), it was first published in 1990, 2 years after his death.

Obviously it's a fun tale, they all are. I've never read it with Linus but I'm assuming his mum has as he started joining in with the words! It has several other Mr. Men and Little Miss in too, with a mini lesson in what it is to be brave. My unique Mr. Brave facts, Mr. Brave is the only one of the Mr. Men to wear a baseball cap and one of only two to wear glasses (Mr. Clever, obviously!).

A Bug, a Bear, and a Boy By David McPhail is quite a simple little book but Linus loves it. It was a gift from his grandparents in the US. It's a beginner's reader book and I can see us keeping it for that purpose too. It's a lesson in size, a bit like the three bears, only the other two bears here are a boy and a bug. For British viewers, think The Two Ronnies and John Cleese in their infamous class sketch. I can picture a British version (it is available in the UK) with the bear wearing an evening suit and a top hat. There's lots of fun in this little book and plenty to talk about. We'll look out for more like this.

My main reason in starting this blog was to make me read some more of the books I'm not too keen on and to lessen the favourites. I know Linus doesn't care, he can watch some episodes of Sarah & Duck on a loop for three days (he doesn't!). Apparently I like to read Oliver Jeffers' Lost and Found on a Tuesday as it was read last Tuesday too. I think I might be excited for Jeffers' newest book, Once Upon An Alphabet which is on its way to us. I do love this book, so won't apologise for it being my first duplicate. "The boy and the penguin are having a hug dadda" was worth it.

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