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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Aliens, Harold and Mum & Dad

November 10 2014

Despite having another new to Linus Mr. Men book to read I skipped that one tonight. Linus seems to be Mr. Men crazy right now, he watched more Arthur Lowe episodes today (he's no great fan of the newer shows either). He also charmed his grandparents by Skype and surprised his parents by 'reading' all the names of the Mr. Men (in reverse order) from the back of one of the books. I could listen to him say "mister up pit teeee" all day.

So what, I hear you ask, did we read tonight? Well, we started off with Aliens Love Underpants!. We've had this for quite a while now, it seems to have spawned a lot of follow up books with various creatures proclaiming a love for underpants. I do like to have some books that verge away from the path of many other books, jungles and farms feature heavily in the picture book world. Claire Freedman's rhyming story is illustrated by Ben Cort. I think I like this one a little more than Linus, I do enjoy reading it. Granny's spotted bloomers are wonderful.

Another favourite for me to read is Harold Finds a Voice by Charlotte Dicmas. I don't get a chance to do many sound effects and this one certainly allows that. Before we started tonight's story time we had an exchange of saying "yes" in different voices. I love how Linus is starting to mimic. I carried this on reading Harold and had him join in with the water sound effects. Harold is a parrot who is used to mimicking sounds but wants to discover his own voice. It's a nice story with fun pictures and, again, a little different to the norm. I thoroughly recommend it. I can see it becoming longer and more fun over the next couple of years.

I went to another of our favourites for tonight's finale. Nick Sharratt is one of Linus' favourite illustrators. He has several credits with Julia Donaldson writing and more famously with Jacqueline Wilson.  My Mum and Dad Make Me Laugh is Nick writing and illustrating. It's a short story and we all love it. It's a simple story of a boy who's parents like stripes and spots. Gorgeous, colourful pictures have lots of spotting opportunities and a chance for me to display my elephant counting skills. Me and Meg often dress like the mum and dad of the story, Linus usually shows a little more flair than the boy in the book. I'd have gone with checks or maybe a gingham style.

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