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Friday, 7 November 2014

A Rooster and a Crocodile, Goodnight.

November 7 2014

I think it's quite important to name the author and illustrator of all the books we read. Linus can happily say "Axel Scheffler" with a certain amount of joy at the forthcoming squirrel pictures. So it's with some regret that I start off with a book that has no author given, even on Amazon it is just listed as "by Igloo Books". Rooster Trouble seems too good to have just been by someone who gets no royalties, both the pictures and stories are quite fun. So, if this is a mistake Igloo, let me know and I'll put it right in my small way. It's a rhyming tale of a rooster who causes trouble on a farm, so much so that the animals stop producing. There's plenty of opportunities for woofing and baaing and cock-a-doodle-dooing. This was one of my pound shop purchases and a nice addition to our library.

Gemma Merino's  The Crocodile Who Didn't Like Water is relatively new to us. Not that these books are that long, but I won't give the plot away, as it's a big spoiler. It's a shorter book with nice illustrations. There's fun to be had with the plot and a lovely joke of how the title character saved up to buy his swim ring.

Finally (after Ning Nang Nong obviously), one of my favourites. Rebecca Elliot has beautifully illustrated Margaret Wise Brown's Goodnight Little One. Goodnight Little One is one of Brown's unpublished works that weren't discovered until 40 years after her death in 1952. I'm fascinated by Brown having read her Wikipedia page and some other bits. She was one of a few people who can genuinely be described as "ahead of her time". That said there's not much to Goodnight Little One but it is charming and sweet and very calming final book before bed. It's a pleasant rhyme and gorgeous pictures. There appears to be two versions, one being called "Little Donkey Close Your Eyes", I don't know if there's a difference. We have other Margaret Wise Brown books, so I'm sure I'll mention her again.

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